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Messian Dread - In The Sight Of JAH (Discomix) (2007 Net Maxi Single)

Published December 1, 2006

More music that didn't make it to my album "Showcase".

This is an up-tempo steppers track, a traditional Rockers Reggae rhythm with full lyrics and DUB mixing, too. There's both singing and toasting in the first part, by the way.

The lyrics contain long parts from Psalms 2 and 53, quoted in many Reggae lyrics because of their relevance concerning the situations in the world today.

Run time 5:03



The Fool Have Said In His Heart
There Is No JAH
They Have All Together
Become Filthy, Filthy, I Would Say

In The Sight Of JAH JAH
In the Sight Of The Father

Abominable Works Have They Done
Iniquity Works Have They Done
Evil Deeds Have They Done
Abominable Works Have They Done

In The Sight Of JAH
Dem A Wrong, So Wrong Sir

Why Follow Them
When They Don't Even Understand
Why Follow Them
If They Don't Even Know JAH Plan

In the Sight Of JAH JAH
Dem Far
So Far, Far, Away
In The Sight Of JAH JAH
Dem So Far


The Kings Of The Earth
Have Set Themselves Together
Against The Lord God JAH
and His Anointed

And They Say
Come Mek Wi Break His Bands Asunder

But He That Sitteth On Mount Zion Shall Laugh
Cause He Has Got Them In His Region
He Will Wipe Them With Thunder And Lightning
Earthquake And Judgment

The Most High JAH Sit Upon His Throne
And He Laughs At Babylon Shitstem
With Them Plan, With Them Plan, With Them Plan


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Source: JAH Roots
Dubroom Star Selections Creative Commons Archives
by Dubroom Star Selections
Source: Blaminack, Messian Dread